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20-03-2019 15:45

I am registered as guardian. This is the link: In the way they teach  and who they are, Georgi and Bart are a great inspiration to me. 

Text website: Due to losses in her personal life, Titia became interested and educated in grief processes. Having experienced the importance of proper guidance in the workplace in situations of loss, she has a deeply felt mission to educate and support people in grief and personal development. She works with individuals, parents, students and also with managers in various companies. She has developed a programme called grief@work.

Titia has been trained before as human resource manager and has taken post-academic courses on industrial relations, grief, supervision, and organizational constellations. She has worked for many years as a senior lecturer, supervisor and social skills trainer at Hanze University of Applied Sciences,  at the School of Business, (the Department of Human Resource Management). She has been an ISSP Guardian since 2003 and also works with Nondual Therapy. She teaches masterclasses on grief@work in the Netherlands, Malta, and Belgium.

She has her own practice – Apsara – where she works as a coach, grief counselor, and spiritual healer, and offers meditation groups.

Titia writes spiritual poetry and poetry on grief in Dutch.

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Titia Mulder Praktijk Apsara
Willem Plojterlaan 7
9766PL Eelderwolde.
050 3095591